Delivering quality fuels and lubricants to all sectors of the Australian marine market for 30 years

Australia’s most comprehensive marine refuelling network

Baileys has a proven track record of providing specialised refuelling solutions to the marine industry

Baileys Marine Fuels Australia is a specialist marine fuel distributor, infrastructure developer, and marine service provider.

The company operates nationally from headquarters located in Fremantle, Western Australia with a regional office in Darwin. Established in 1986, the Company has grown into one of Australia’s leading providers of marine fuel, remote refuelling infrastructure, marine fuel facility managers and related services.

Services & Facilities

  • Commercial

    We supply all marine sectors, tailoring our service and supply to each customers' needs.

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  • Transport

    Competitive supply is vital in this consumer driven sector.

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  • Government

    We provide reliability, a secure national supply network and dedicated service contracts.

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  • Oil & Gas

    Cost effective uniquely tailored supply solutions are important to this sector.

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  • Fishing

    Understanding unique requirements, meeting logistical pressures of moon and tides.

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  • Cruise & Charter

    The focus is on your guests, fuel should never be a concern.

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  • Super Yacht

    Ultimate service, professionalism and supply supporting voyage planning and logistics.

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  • Recreational

    Being out on the water having fun should be the priority - not worrying about fuel.

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